Hire HTML5 Developer

Hire HTML5 Developer

Hire HTML5 Developer to Optimize your ROI

Who doesn’t want a flawless and strong presence on the web coupled with aesthetic features of audio, graphics, videos, and animation! Yes, this is what HTML5 developer at Multicore Technologies has been doing for their esteemed clients all over the world.

Our qualified and experienced team of developers knows the imperativeness and significance of world class web solutions for any online entrepreneur. They have helped several online companies to make their presence felt in this landscape of world-wide-web that is gaining more and more traction over time.

What HTML5 Web Development Services Offer

html5 website

Website Development

html5 custom-app

Custom App Development

html5 apps-testing

Apps Testing and Portability

html5 mobile-app

Mobile App Development

html5 social-media-app

Social Media App Development

html5 widget

Widget Development

html5 intranet-extranet

Intranet & Extranet Services

html5 wordpress

WordPress and Joomla Conversion

html5 conversion

PSD to HTML5 Conversion

html5 ui-design

UI Design Development


How We Go with HTML5 App Development Process

We mostly follow agile methodology as it gives us the liberty to customize our development process as per business needs.

  • We analyze requirement of client via communicating with them
  • Our domain experts analyze the project needs
  • Our agile team approvals and ascertain project deliverables
  • Contract is signed and project goes on the floor
  • Finally, it is executed and delivered to the client

You can choose from our multiple hiring models that best fits your project needs:

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost

You are charged a fixed cost as per the project needs and complexities, best for large projects.



The bill is footed based on the number of hours spent on your project which is best for small and short term projects.



For a specific period, like 15 days or a month you are charged for the project, ideal for larger and long-term projects.

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Through the years we have helped companies deliver world-class projects and experience in Mobile and Web Technologies.

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