What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source powerful software development kit developed by Google. It is an initiative to deploy cross-platform applications by means of a single code base.

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Easy Debugging

Flutter allows easy debugging of code due to Dart Analyzer and Observatory tools which helps in finding errors quickly using specific command syntaxes. This also allows improved quality assurance process with refined results.

Single Code Base

Flutter allows deployment of mobile applications on different platforms by means of a single code base. It allows easy migration and reusability of code, hence allowing easy launching of apps on both iOS and Android at the same time!

Increased Accessibility

Flutter allows easy access of native features on machines and frameworks, with level not being significant.

Widget Framework

Flutter employs the ‘Everything is a Widget’ framework, which speeds up the application development process without allowing any possible limitation of features or capabilities of the mobile application.

DART Programming

Flutter uses a programming language by Google called DART, which works on Object Oriented Programming principles. DART focuses on client-side development allowing mobile apps with improved UI/UX.

Independent Nature

Flutter has its own libraries and tools, so Flutter apps are independent of third-party libraries for functionality, hence improving speed and performance.

Quick Changes and Testing

Flutter has features like Hot-Reload which allows code changes in Flutter to be reflected as soon as the alterations or changes are made. Changes can be seen in real time.

Easy Customization

Flutter allows easier customization of user interfaces and caters directly to the needs of users.


Flutter applications have shown effective compatibility to navigation and shows effective stabilization of applications.

Ideal Nature for MVPS

Minimum Viable Product are products with just enough features to satisfy early customers. Flutter is deal for MVPS due to its quick returnability and investment time. This proves to be ideal for investors to see a prototype earlier than usual.

Our Flutter Work

Some of the Apps we have built in Flutter

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  • Chromavid
  • MinuteCare Clinic
  • Travel Guide

Flutter Architecture

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